Waste Go - World's #1 Grease and Sludge Eliminator!

Waste-Go is a proven on site formulation of bacteria and enzymes in a food base along with vital supporting helpers such as buffering and wetting agents.

This powdered blend, when activated with water, digests solid waste and grease; turning it into nutrient rich ash and mineral rich H2O.

Waste-Go is nature’s own way of recycling all organic waste back to plant food.

"We are very pleased with the results we have found and have started applying it in other communities we operate." - Tim Degenhardt, Manager of Operations

How is this Possible?

Waste-Go uses several strains of microbes. Some of them are aerobic and some of them are facultative. Facultative organisms have the ability to adapt to either aerobic or anaerobic conditions, which is why our product can work in the following aerobic and anaerobic conditions: